What’s Next?

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” -Act 1, Scene IV Measure for Measure

“What’s Next?” seems to be the most repeated question of the week for me.  Unlike high school or undergrad graduation, this step seems to have much more hope packed into it than before.  High school was followed by the predictable path of a four-year university, and undergrad was quickly followed by grad school.  I have no immediate intentions of a PhD, and this graduation seems much more final than those previous graduations.  My family came out to Colorado for it, and it was really nice to have everyone together to celebrate and meet all the people here in town who helped to pull me through.

Classic Michelle/Peter shot

Classic Michelle/Peter shot

One thing this semester has really made me appreciate is the community around me.  As much as I love my independence, this semester especially took more than just my own work to pull me through.  What should have been an easy cruise to the finish of my degree, was made ever more complicated by the flood.  Big thanks to the friends and neighbors who took me in when living in a construction site became too much to handle. It took us nearly to Thanksgiving to get our house back to normal, which was fairly quick considering the scale of the damage. While the level of construction at my house made us all live apart, my house-mates and I actually grew closer, and learned to appreciate the companionship that living in a community house represents.  Even if none of us can ever seem to remember to take the trash out….

So, what is next?!

Well, I’ll be staying in Boulder for the foreseeable future.  Despite everything, plan A is still alive and well. Plan B is solid, and I’ll use my various engineering degrees to try and get in some part time engineering work to help pay for training & racing. Plan A? I will pursue short-course, draft-legal triathlon with the hope of qualifying for Rio 2016. It feels quite bold to come out and say that on the interwebs, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained” right? This year’s schedule will have me racing all over the world chasing ITU points to get into some big races. I’m keeping my training base here in Boulder to work with Dave Scott & Christine Bell, and the fantastic swim crew at FAC.  I’ve got some great sponsors that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks, and even more great people behind me. Best, and most importantly of all, I still absolutely love training and racing triathlons, and am happy to wake up every morning honestly able to say that I’m living my dream.

Merry Christmas from the mountains!!!

Merry Christmas from the mountains!!!

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  1. I am so excited for you. Keep chasing your dream. Congratulations on graduation and if get near my neck of the woods let me know I would love to see you.

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