ITU Toronto & Aftermath

Apologies for the abominably late post on my race in Toronto, but I wanted to be able to write something definitive.

The weekend before I left for the race, things really started to slip for me. I’ve had training blips in the past, and I usually only take a couple of days to bounce back. I had hoped this was one of those times. My parents were coming to the race in Toronto, so I packed my things anyway and saddled up to race.

The Race: Technically, not a terrible performance. Swim position was good, but my main error was in T1. I didn’t put an emphasis on getting myself in the front of the group, and ended up off the back of the main group. I then became the de facto leader of the first chase pack, and put out some of my best watts to date in order to try and catch up. Unfortunately, I was also pulling a couple of stellar runners with me. I was passed by the rest of my group shortly after T2, and managed a very tired run to hold on to 7th.

I had planned on getting to spend some time exploring the city with my family after, but we had barely gotten to our first stop before I had to turn back. I was pretty exhausted, and spent the rest of the day sleeping in the hotel. Usually, you do feel a bit tired after a race, but this was a bit different- I was dead on my feet.

Two weeks later, and I still wasn’t back up to my usual training. Trying to do just about anything was wearing me out- grocery shopping, cooking, you name it. At one point I even gave one of my roommates some cash & a grocery list because I didn’t want to go out. I had some bloodwork done, and it was a bit of a mess. I’m still broken down from the race, and really haven’t done anything since then. The various doctors & my coaches have all recommended rest and gentle exercise in order to get back on track.

So that’s where I’m at now. Racing is out of the question until I can at least get back to some sort of routine. Worst time of the year for it. As much as I love to push through, I have to give my body the respect it deserves for what I put it through on a daily basis.

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