Octoberfest in September?

Long time no race, eh?

So, after nearly three months of struggling to regain my health, I had the PRIVILEGE of going out to race again.

And, despite being in my least exotic location this year (Longmont, AKA the next town over from Boulder), it did feel like a tremendous privilege to be out there again. Most of my problems in July seemed to stem from extreme under-resting, and my body finally cleaned itself up enough to be able to sustain some training again. Not perfect by any means, but racing was a chance to test myself and see how much I had lost over the long break + cold that I had gotten the week before 🙂

Back in the non-draft format, and racing alongside my old CU crew, I had a blast. I didn’t like my numbers from the race, but it reminded me of how much I actually love racing. After all the introspection and physical struggle of the past few months, it was just the reminder I needed. I did come away with the win, which is always a nice bonus too.

I don’t know if I get to anymore races this year, but at least I can consider it now. My health is definitely on the upswing at this point, but mentally I may need a short break. I’ll talk it over with my coaches, and figure out what the best move is for me at this point. College-me would have hit pro-triathlete-me over the head for thinking that I could go so long without rest, but you live and learn 🙂

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