Basework 2015

So, long time no blog! I’ve made some changes around here, and I just didn’t feel comfortable writing until now.

My season last year had a pretty rough ending, and I needed to take some time away to regroup. I had a nice visit home during Thanksgiving, and went out to Boston for a while to hang out with some of my best friends from back in my high school days. Good break from the Boulder bubble, and nice to get to nerd out in some museums for a change 🙂

Upon returning to Boulder, I made both a coaching change and a gym change. After much deliberation, I’m now coached by Julie Dibens. I’ve known Julie since arriving in Boulder (literally… I met her at the pool the day after moving here), and she has been a great mentor up to this point. I officially joined the small cohort of athletes that she coaches full time in January, and it’s been fabulous to say the least!

We got to mix things up a bit in February and  had a training camp in Kona. It was great to escape from one of the snowiest months Boulder’s had on record, and get some good riding and open water training in. Also made me very glad that I’m a sprint athlete 😉 Tim & I even got to compete in a local Team Mango sprint tri before we left, which was really cool! Everyone made us feel so welcome to be there, and I’d love a chance to go back!


Kona Squad: Coach Julie Dibens, Tim Don, Rachel Joyce, Patrick Evoe, & Me (Michelle Mehnert)

Training has been going well since returning to Boulder, and race season has begun! I’ll be kicking off my season soon on yet another tropical island, this time in the middle of a different ocean. I’m off to Barbados in less than two weeks to race my first Conti Cup of the season, and am quite excited to get back at it!

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