ITU Barbados 2015

Wow, it really felt like I’ve been away from the ITU game for a while! There just seems to be way more buildup and pressure leading into an ITU race than any other that I’ve experienced. We tend to race the same people all over the world, and stay in the same area too. We all end up spending a lot of time pre-race together, which can be tense at times. Generally, everyone is very nice and we all can get along, but this setup is not without its stress.

I’ve tried to vlog the experience as well, and the video is attached below.

The Race: Swim went well for me, and I was comfortably in the front group. Stayed with the group out of the water and onto the bikes- landed nicely in the front pack. First turnaround was up a hill, and that’s when I started to have problems. Normally I can downshift and quickly shift up to adjust for the corner, but it just wasn’t happening. The group split into the headwind, and suddenly I was on my own. I could hold my own for a couple laps, and stayed with the 2nd group when they caught me. Same thing happened again the next time we went around that corner. Finished off with an okay run, but definitely not where I hoped I’d be at the end of the day. Turns out, you need to add a spacer to your gears when you’re trying to add an 10sp cassette to an 11sp wheel, at least if you want to be able to shift! Oops.

Overall, great to be back since my long hiatus. It’s been a rough time getting back, and it felt good to be back out there!

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