2014 Sponsors: 

familypic    The Mehnerts: 

Well, what can I say about this bunch?  Title sponsors from day 1, these are the peeps I call when I’ve run out of money for food, got stranded on rides, or been attacked by a rabbit (it totally happened).  They haven’t laughed (much) when I asked for race entries or running shoes for birthday presents.  And they were the ones I had to coerce to driving me to 6am swim practice for years, until I could drive myself (then, they paid for the gas).  That’s love, folks.  Support so big, they even get their name in the results list.



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Skratch Labs:

Makers of fine hydration products, and defenders of style and humor in a sometimes intense endurance world.  Allen, Ian, Aaron, Biju, and their crew have been a fantastic help.  They seem to have the answer to everything from “how many bottles do I need for my ride?” to “How the heck do I become a professional triathlete?” or even “Can there be too much Bacon in a ricecake?”  They’re awesome to work with, and you should really go buy some drink mix or their cookbooks.  BTW,  the answer to that last one is NO. You cannot have too much bacon.











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